Wednesday, July 30, 2014

DerpTW EP 7 - Bajran Goes Cynable Crazy

Ohh my God! Cynables are amazing and I'm going to fill with your ear about it. We added new stuff too!

Ingame Chat Channel: Derptw

We're doing a contest where you can win a Cynable hull! The rules are as follows:

1. Send "Bajran Bali" a mail in game with in game kill mail. It may not be pulled off a killboard, you must have the in game killmail.

2. Killmail must have 10 or less pilots on it killing the victim and happen after July 30th

3. Send a story with the killmail. Let us know how you got the kill, the lead up to the kill and such. The best killmail and story combination will win the contest.


Form up time: Aug 7 23:00 in game time
Move out time Aug 8 00:00 in game time.
Here is a link for the move out time.

The exact location of form up will be posted in "derptw" in game channel. Everyone is invited and your advised to have you ship in jita ready to go. Jita will be close enough to our form up location that you'll be able to make it during form up time.
Comms will also be anounced once in fleet. I advise you to have Teamspeak setup and ready to go.

Whew! That a lot to say. I hope to see you guys in game soon!

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

DerpTW EP 6 - Okkamon

Ohh the joys of war, they are many! We found ourselves as outcast for a night during the okkamon campaign. In spite of our foes being many and we having few we still came out ahead. 


The night of our story

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Lengthy and Confused

For our fifth episode we kicked back and let it all hang out. I didn't realize we could shoot the shit this long. This episode is a bit long and wordy, but I think you guys will enjoy it. Once my gaming life gets put back together and suck we'll have more structure. 

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