Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Quick upload

More often than not I'm bombarded with the question of, "When are you gonna upload that fight?" In the future this answer will be much simpler. If it is a good fight I'll have a raw video up relatively quick. If the fight was so so with long breaks between fights I'll need to edit it. The latter goes into my "junk drawer" so to say. These are good fights that I need to hash out and edit properly before they see the light of day.

Great fights come often for us in Gal mil FW, but life does not always allow me to sit down and edit videos in a timely fashion. In an effort to put out content more often I feel these raw fights will do the trick. Think of these videos as a preview of what is to come. 

This will be on a trial basis only. If you, the viewer/reader, feel this is a repetitive process and the redundancy is unnecessary it will be cut. If no one complains about the process and all goes well it will be the standard for my content. 

Last year in mid December I uploaded the first of these videos. Here is a LINK to the video. Thus far it has received 100+ views along with 5 likes and comments. It may not be the greatest of stats, but for a newer YouTube channel these are good stats. The video has been moved into a new playlist called: FACTION WARFARE RAW. All of the coming raw videos will be available in the playlist. 

With that I'll leave you with the latest of these raw videos, enjoy!

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